Where Wake Up Do Better Started...

Posted by Matthew Christian on

I started this mantra as a joke. My friends would make a mistake and I would harmless make the sarcastic remark "do better". This led to me realizing this is more than just something to make a quip about when someone forgets to wear sneakers to the gym or doesn't put lotion on before they leave the house...it's actually something to live by. My joke slowly but surely morphed in to the idea that we're each given a fresh set of hours each day when we open our eyes and it's up to us to decide what to do with them. Will we maintain the mundane life we rolled into without even realizing we're stuck, or will we grab the opportunity afforded to us simply by breathing and try to make each day a bit better than the one before? I found myself to be in a place where I wasn't happy with my job and I did something about it despite how difficult it was! For others it could be unhappiness in your physical or mental health, could be your love life, it could even be as simple as you're not happy with the color of the wall in your bathroom but you've been too lazy to do something about it and I'm here to tell you to DO BETTER! You can do it! Reach for your goals and when you crush them set a new one to accomplish no matter how unattainable it may seem now the road to trying will be much more satisfactory than laying on your death bed thinking "what if I..." I'm here to tell you screw what if! I'm here to tell you to invest in yourself, grab that gym membership, start that business, go on that trip, move across the country, chase that dream because life is simply to short not to wake up and try to make it better than the life you were living yesterday.


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